About MusicArt

MusicArt is visual art created with music notation. It was conceived by James Plakovic in 1990. Each work is a playable composition that begins with a sketch that is transformed into an ink drawing and transcribed into a music notation program and orchestrated to produce a sound recording. A completed work is simultaneously a visual image and a musical composition.

About the Music

MusicArt works are not typical musical compositions because the image dictates the music. The visual elements, such as size of the image, amount of detail and positioning on the staves determine the music rather than preconceived musical ideas or forms. The visual and musical elements are inextricably intertwined.

Music on This Site

A media player will appear directly below all MusicArt visual images that have an accompanying music track. Listening to the musical track while viewing the visual art is how MusicArt is intended to be experienced.

To listen to excerpts of other audio works and sound constructions, visit the Contact page for the Soundcloud link.